Protreptic philosophical conversations and coaching

Do you want to make some adjustments and changes that may enrich your life? In order to make that possible, you must know yourself very thoroughly and have good insights into the core values that drives you. – Protreptic is the perfect tool for ´knowing better thy self´ as Socrates and the ancient greeks would put it. nyklippet

Protreptic is more than just a coaching tool. It has actually existed since ancient Greece and was practiced by famous philosophers such as Aristotle. It is a philosophical dialogue practice that opens up for a much deeper insight and reflections in both the person who is facilitating protreptic and the one who is undergoing a protreptic session.

The protreptic philosopher is a philosophical guide through a renewed self-reflection and self-insight that the focus person achieves through a protreptic dialogue.

The protreptic method is like a mirror that turns you towards yourself. – The purpose is to raise the level of the dialogue and make it deeper and more authentic. Protreptic is a philosophical self-insight through the principle; that you only understand something, when you hear yourself say it out aloud.

Protreptics is a  maieutical method such as used by Socrates. The idea is that Man carries the truth within himself and is able to discover it with philosophical guidance.

In a protreptic session/conversation we work intensely with knowing yourself. We work with your core values – the values you consciously or unconsciously live your life by. The protreptic conversation is also like a conceptual clarification, where you become more aware of the meaning of the concepts and values that are very important to you.

In short, you become clearer about yourself, yours and other people’s values, as well as beginning a more authentic understanding of yourself and your own opportunities for self-development.

So in a Skype session (Or other medium) our conversation could go almost anywhere. There may be specific issues and topics that you are dealing with and need help to reflect upon: How do I get to be in a relationship, do I want to be divorced? Unemployment, new job, quitting smoking, etc.


1 hour Skype session (Or other medium) 60 EUR VIA PAYPAL (BUTTON COMING SOON)