Walking Tours In English

In Kierkegaard’s footsteps.

The walk starts at the Town Hall Square and ends at Assistens Cemetery in front of Søren Kierkegaard’s family tomb. Along the way we look at various monuments, homes and churches, they all give a glimpse of Kierkegaard’s life and his movements in the Copenhagen. -While we walk around town, I tell about Kierkegaard’s life and the people close to him. I will also provide a greater insight into this enigmatic thinker philosophy and his thought-provoking style.


In Kierkegaard’s philosophy is the individual at the center. His philosophy is quite close to the individual and centers on the individual’s choices in life. After the tour, you hopefully have learned more about Kierkegaard, but also how to use his philosophy in your own life and the choices that stands before you.

Duration about 2 hours.

I take cash, mobile pay or bank transfer. Contact me for prices and booking: kasper@procesfilosofi.dk

A Walking tour to Kierkegaard’s memorial stone (the philosopher’s stone).

A philosophical walking tour from Gilleleje trainstation to Kierkegaard’s memorial stone. Come with me on a stroll to Kierkegaard’s favorite place on Gilbjergshoved in Gilleje (his summer residens). Hear about this Philosophers philosophy at this colossal monument raised in his honor. Become acquainted with the great Danish philosopher’s thoughts and who this mysterious thinking was.

Contact me for prices and booking: kasper@procesfilosofi.dk

I take cash, mobile pay or bank transfer.

See below philosophical short films – Process philosopher Kierkegaard finds the philosopher’s stone!

Tours at Glyptoteket Museum

Embark on a journey back to ancient times and meet the ancient philosophers. The Greek thinkers searched for what they called ataraxia and eudaimonia = happiness, the good life and Peace of Mind. The special thing about Greek philosophy is its diverse views on what constitutes a good life? And how do we achieve it good?

Fra Tour på Glyptoteket

Come and hear their ideas of happiness and the guide to happiness? All the while you are looking at busts of their faces as they are looking back at you from the past.Their thoughts are as relevant now as then. It’s all told in a fun and different way.


So get acquainted with the world of philosophy and the lives of the philosophers. Get an insight into ancient times and the Hellenistic history of ideas.The philosopher’s philosophy became an integral part of ancient human way of life. Emperors, rich men and slaves took philosophy to heart and tried to live according to it.

I take cash, mobile pay or bank transfer. Contact me for prices and booking: kasper@procesfilosofi.dk